Northville Historical Society and Mill Race Village

You may have been asking yourself (or maybe not) what the difference is between the Northville Historical Society (NHS) and Mill Race Village.  NHS is an organization that was founded 49 years ago with a mission statement which states in part, “of bringing together those people interested in history, and especially in the history of the Northville, Michigan, region.  To this end, … (NHS) may collect printed materials, manuscripts, and artifacts relating to the history of the Northville area.”  NHS maintains a number of historical exhibits and an archive consisting of thousands written documents, photographs and artifacts all related to the history of the greater Northville Community.

The major attraction which is managed by the NHS Board of Directors is Mill Race Village which was founded in 1972, 41 years ago.  Mill Race Village is open all year although the buildings are open with docents to explain the history of each building from early June until early September.

It is important for those who appreciate the mission and contribution of the NHS and Mill Race Village to know that none of the funding for these efforts comes from public funds.  Neither the City nor the Township supports these projects.  The money required comes exclusively from membership dues and from donations.  The Northville Historical Society will be launching the 2013 membership drive in August and we hope that a growing number of citizens in our community will become members and donors for what we believe and hope is a worthwhile effort for our community.


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